The West Hartford Art League holds year round art instruction for adults and youths in the form of weekly daytime and evening classes Monday - Saturday in the fall, winter and spring, and a daytime camp for youths during the summer. Special weekend and one time workshops are held throughout the year taught by a varied group of instructors. The West Hartford Art League actively seeks to attract qualified persons to join its faculty and staff, and encourages diversity in its student body. The workshops offer all the benefits of our classes in more condensed timeframe. They're a perfect introduction to a new subject, and a great way to refresh an old skill. 

David Lussier Painting Workshop West Hartford Art League

A Plein Air Approach To Studio Painting
David Lussier

March 30 + 31, 10-4pm + 10-3pm

As a painter, who has been immersed in the national plein air scene for more than twenty years, I have formulated concepts and truths about how I can achieve a feeling of light, atmosphere and emotion in paintings that I work up in the studio. I will share these concepts with you in this two day workshop. Read more…

David Dunlop Painting Workshop West Hartford Art League

Natural Wonders
David Dunlop
January 19 + 20, 9-4pm

We will explore intimate points of view on nature. Learn to how to combine close-ups with far distant vision. We explore in and out-of-focus effects, sunbeams, directed sunlight, solar atmospheric effects, translucent water in sunlight, shallow depth-of-field effects, sparkle effects and intimate chiaroscuro effects in variety of close-ups. Read more…